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We experiment with a lot of things at work.  Tools.  Technologies.  Workflows.  Recently we were discussing an effective way to do native iOS development with the team.  I love RubyMotion.  I think it makes it faster and easier to create a native iOS app.  There is a learning curve, though.

We are considering doing a project where the app is native, and written is XCode, but the guts of the app are just web views fed by a Rails app.  But before we could really consider that as an option, we needed to know how it would handle mapping.

So I whipped up a quick and dirty RubyMotion app to see.  I used Leaflet for the HTML version, and had the webpage be served from as a resource in the app.

Choose your adventure
Choose your adventure
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I didn’t see anything that scared me off.  You lose the native feel, but I’m not crazy about the MMMapView and it’s annotations.  I’d much rather work with Leaflet and use markers.

So it looks promising.

Here’s a link to the project:

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